Using Welsh in your emails

Although many of our clients are Welsh speakers, many are learners or aren’t Welsh speakers at all. Some have expressed their wish to learn the language, so here are some small steps to start with. Below are some phrases you might see in e-mails by us or other Welsh speakers. Have a read, and maybe have a go at incorporating them into your own e-mails!
Start of e-mail
Shw’mae – This is an informal greeting, especially in the south, which comes from “Sut mae hi?”, which means “How are things?”.
Bore da – Simple enough – good morning!

Prynhawn da – If it’s after midday… Good afternoon.

Diolch am y neges – Thanks for the message

Dim problem – No problem

Mae’n ddrwg gen i – I’m sorry

Croeso – You’re welcome

End of e-mail
Pob hwyl – A friendly greeting at the end of an e-mail. It might translate to “Kind regards”, however it has more of an informal feel. This phrase is also used to say ‘Goodbye’.

Cofion cynnes – Literally translates to ‘Warm regards’

Yn gywir – This would be used at the end of a formal letter or e-mail, where you might use ‘Yours’ in English.